Stream near Chander Mill Bridge


We were driving by this stream and I spotted a Blue Heron. I asked Brian to stop where the bridge is out and I got out of the car with the cell phone. Didn’t that Heron catch me out of the corner of his eye and with a great flutter, went swooping up the stream more, out of camera range! Rats. I have wanted to stop and take a few photos forever, so I at least did that.
We were coming home from KMart where I got 6 hanging baskets for $5.99 each. I know what’s good-like the New Guinea Impatiens and Fuchsia. Also got more Impatiens to add some color in a few areas-$1.29 for six. They had so many plants, you know they will never sell them all.

Stream around the corner from my house.

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  1. Nice stream photos.

    I wonder if our Kmart has plants reduced…I rarely go there as Walmart is closer. I could just a few more annuals.

    Can you believe I have to work tonight? I am taking a short break to cool down after working outside since 8:00 am. It’s now 2pm and I have to get to my
    Dad’s and to work by 4:00 p.m. I had better stop reading blogs and get ready!

  2. How I’d love to walk along that little stream, it looks so beautiful. Don’t you just hate that when a photo shoot subject decides to take off like that? lol

    Our Kmart closed down years ago…I had even forgotten that they were still around! I love it when plants go on sale like that, I refuse to pay full price for any of them. When I bought my Impatiens and Petunias last week, they were on sale for $10 per flat of 48 plants.

    I just ate my lunch outside, another gorgeous day:-) xoxo

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