Greek food and veggie patch


Greek food, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I just realized I didn’t post our food from the Wilmington, DE food festival. We splurged and got a variety of pastries too. Compared to what we ate at Chili’s tonight, this was diet food! (Chili’s is so salty! Since I have watched what I’ve been eating better-I try, it was hard to eat the chips).
Here’s what this photo is: Mousaka-Eggplant and potato casserole, Spanakopita-spinach pie, Dolmades-stuff grapes leaves, meatballs and Tyropita-cheese filled pie. Sean never ate his half of the raspberry tart and Baklava so I tossed them today. : (
Sean and I went to go to ‘Hidden Acres’ Greenhouse today and right when we got there, the Amish buggy was pulling out of the driveway-it was closed for a holiday! Arrgghh. : ) So we went to the thrift shop and I got a few little things, plus I asked the lady about consigning things-15 items allowed a week-60 mine/40 theirs commission. I’m going to get stuff together including that old art desk of mine. I have tons of stuff and it’s easier than having a yard sale (though I still want to have one!)
Sean and I went to Walmart too-bought a few plants and seeds, also some groceries.
My veggie patch is finally in. We bought a box of stuff-onions, garlic, rhubarb and potatoes for $2 at Lowes. I planted all that except the rhubarb today, they really don’t give you that many bulbs/tubers. I had major weeding to do first. I added zinnias and smaller sunflowers near the fence. Then tonight I planted the zucchini and cucumbers and a few gourds. I planted the potatoes in Sean’s old tire garden and tossed some gourd seeds in that too. I love to plant seeds to see what comes up. Walmart has lovely tomato plants in containers for $10 so we got one of those too. Also poked nasturtiums all around the place.
I want to do some edging in a few areas. Gotta burn off those calories!

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  1. I have never had any of those dishes except for Spanakopita. There are no Greek restaurants anywhere near us.

    I need to get to Wally’s and HD this week to see if they have any new plants. I could use a few more. My tropicals are stunted with this cold weather. I noticed just a few nasturtiums coming up where I poked them in the ground.

  2. I’ve never had Greek food even though we have two Greek restaurants in town! It does all look delicious though.

    Gardening certainly will help burn off the calories! The day before I planted some Impatiens in my faerie garden and some Petunias in my window boxes that I have on the deck…it was 85 that day and I swear I melted off a few pounds! lol I’d like to buy a couple more container plants but haven’t seen anything I like yet…some of the prices are ridiculously high as well!! xoxo

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