Lilytopia Revisited


Lilies against the window, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

As I had done last year, I made sure I went to Longwood Gardens before the 30th to see the amazing, abundant and absolutely gorgeous lily display. I was not disappointed. It was warm, but a nice breeze kicked up a few times. I am planning on trying to go to LG a few times a week to walk. I feel better on the new hbp med-more like my old self and I hope it’s helping. Anyway, here are more shots, enjoy and have a great weekend.
Lilies on display in the conservatory
Fishbowl of cut lilies in fountain
Rainbow Sherbet Roses upclose
 Huge heads of Cabbage
Chairs to watch fountains
Layout of Conservatory

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  1. Beautiful lilies. I wonder how many hundred are in each of those cone vases.

    Glad to hear the new meds are making you feel better!

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