Garden flashback


My friend Zoey, over at Perennial Passion has planted some flower seeds recently. I wanted to show her some Nasturtiums that I just stuck in the ground and how well they did back in 2008. They do well every year!
So, I haven’t posted since Monday-well I got a ‘new’ cellphone, actually Sean’s old Android-the G1 Google and he got a new Samsung Galaxy. We were going to trade it in, but the sales guy said we could get the internet on two phones for the same price (we were paying $25 a month-well Sean was), so I kept it and gave Brian my phone. I’ve been practicing with it, adding Facebook, taking photos to send to FB and trying apps like Foursquare (you check in to different restaurants, etc and become mayor if you check in enough). I’ve only checked into Giant Food Store so far-so exciting-lol.
I did go out and take photos with my Canon last night and since there were so many tv show finales, I forgot to upload them to share.
Because of all the rain, I lost a few plants that just rotted in their pots-bummer. The Coleus are struggling too. I need to mulch also. We are getting summer like weather for the next few days-ugh-in the high 80s to near 90!
We are having an exterminator check out a pile of ‘frass’ (saw dust) on the roof that is over the family room that use to be the garage. There was one pile there on Sunday and a new one Wednesday. One friend said maybe Carpenters ants or bees and someone else said termites! We don’t need this right now-rats. I wanted to get a pal of my brother’s to paint a few high spots that Brian won’t this summer as the paint is peeling so badly.
Hope the bug guy will be honest and reasonable-can that happen? : )
Tomorrow I may take a drive to my now ‘old’ gyn as I have to sign a release for my records. I decided to go to a new doctor(s) affiliated with the hospital I had my appendix out in as I like it better than the other hospital I had the ablation in. I really need to get a few teeth checked as ‘patches’ feel like they are coming off. It’s always something!

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Domestic goddess, wife, mom, gardener, paper and collage artist, geocacher, local traveler, cross stitcher, baker, crafter, Facebooker, blogger, decorator and photographer.

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