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I think Clematis vines are pretty neat. That middle part is out of this world looking, isn’t it? I have two vines now and this one is blooming and the other one is about to burst with white and lime flowers.
I did some garden center hopping yesterday-Walmart to Gateway in Hockessin, DE. Not a big selection until I got to the last place-I will be going back there. I did plant a window box with gorgeous yellow ‘Millions of Bell’s and a mostly yellow coleus. I’m getting there with the planting, but I’ll have to do more between raindrops as it’s going to be a rainy week.
The little bird near the front door is a mama! She stayed on her nest all day yesterday so I knew she was feeling movement in her 2-3 teenie eggs. Today a discarded shell was in front of her, so one hatched. I think it’s a Nuthatch. I have seen many of them this year along with my Catbird pals. I’m calling the Nuthatch ‘Gertie the birdie’. : )
I will be trying yet another high blood pressure med as my achiness is extreme now. The doc was going to take me completely off meds for a few weeks, but I mentioned some kind of blocker, so he’s trying a low dose calcium blocker. I hope I find something soon that works for me! I was reading where the doctors just give the same dosage of medicine to 80 yr old ladies and 20 something linebackers, so it’s probably not going to agree with the old lady.
Doing some art work today-have a few new 4x4s but they need finishing touches.

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  1. It’s funny you should mention Clematis because just yesterday I went to look at mine to see if it had survived the winter and noticed a few green shoots coming up so I was happy:-) Goes to show, though, how much later our flowers come up here in Northern Ontario compared to you. It will probably be July before they are in bloom! lol

    So sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems with your hbp meds. Hopefully the new meds will help you better. That’s the problem with doctors, though, they tend to give the same dosage to young and old, and it just doesn’t work the same on everyone. I still have 3 days of antibiotics to take for my sinus/ear infections…my left ear is blocked again this morning but at least there’s no pain!

    We’re having lots of sunshine these days but the temps turned quite cold. It’s supposed to start warming up again by tomorrow…now we’ll probably get rain! lol

    Hope Sean is enjoying his job at the garden center. Corey did that for 4 years and loved it, he would so look forward to the season every year:-) He was able to teach me quite a lot about plants.

    Have a wonderful day dear Dianne. xoxo

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