Couldn’t go…


Both Bri and I weren’t feeling well today so we had to skip a baby christening. His stomach has been upset and my muscles and joints are all achy. I think it’s the hbp med as one of the side effects is muscle pain. I have been doing a ton of gardening and the last couple of days I was sorting and putting away summer clothes, though I was lifting heavy bags of clothes. Sean said usually I just complain about my back or arm hurting, not everything! I didn’t go to sleep until about 5 am. I dislike missing family functions, especially those we don’t see that often. I plan of calling the doctor and seeing if I can try something else. We have a wedding to go to Saturday. The bride was just sick this past week. I’m sure she’s fine now.
Got to sit outside a bit until Bri called me into to look at the old computer. It’s having issues with the virus software…won’t update and runs and runs. He tried to look at the internet when it was having issues!
Sean’s first day in the garden department at work! He’s glad to be off the registers for a change and it should help him learn more about plants.
Will share more photos as soon as the computer works. Update-after 4 hours it updated and is working so:
New Iris-Apricot
Peach Azalea with raindrops

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