Easter Eve


We didn’t do too much today as we had more rain and then Brian and Sean went out and each gifted me with early Easter gifts. Sean gave me sunny yellow tulips and a cute stuffed chick and his dad gave me multi-colored roses and candy. I have to watch the candy though.
Brian and I attended the vigil Easter mass-over 2 hours. It’s a very lovely and special service. We go outside and light candles and go back into a dark church and went through the first 1/3 of the service with only candlelight. Then the lights were turned on for the Resurrection part. That is cool. A young lady got baptized and had to kneel in the baptismal font and get water poured over here head.
I came home and put together an Easter basket for Sean and used a mushroom basket which is cute (Bri can share).
I was glad to do a few paper art collages, one for a trade with a pal.
The featured collage was made a number of days ago. The artist here is Margaret Tarrant from the 1930s. Love Alice’s face.
I’ll share another collage tomorrow before I cook dinner.

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  1. That Easter mass sounds wonderful and very meaningful. I have no idea if they do anything like that over here at our church, I haven’t gone to Easter mass in many years.

    This collage is gorgeous, Dianne. You chose the perfect background for Alice and the rabbit:-) xoxo

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