Photo Hunt-Dusty


I could show you some ‘Dusty Miller’, a pretty gray plant, but I decided to go the true ‘dusty’ route. Like who doesn’t fight with dust in your house weekly? And I’m really allergic to it!
So this is the awesome Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA. Brian and I’ve been twice, once with Sean. It has all these awesome old pieces like the fire engine. Guess they can’t find anyone to dust them on a regular basis maybe?
Hope to do some creative paper things tomorrow. My head has been full of wondering about cars and such. Sean got his computer today and when we got it home he started to delete stuff. Then he found he couldn’t get on the computer. I called the man who fixed it and told him the issue and about 10 minutes later he called me back and took me through the steps to uninstall and reinstall the network adapter-it then worked-thank you very much! Then the internet explorer wasn’t loading properly. Sean came home for dinner and installed I.E.9 and he’s back to business. I also changed a few setting-start up menu, etc. Fred (the computer guy) said Sean had 8 browsers and 36 things loading on start up! So Sean got rid of a few and I got the start up down to 20 something. I learned a lot over the years. And I keep the 2003 (I think) desktop kicking. : )
I’ll try to write a post again in the next few days. I am disappointed I didn’t decorate more, but I may still add a few bird nests, etc. to the mix. What I have out now are newly bought.
Happy weekend and Easter!

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