Glam Shot


Glam Shot Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

So not my ‘glam’ shot but remember the place in the mall where you could get your own glam photo taken? Never did that, just had a few sittings with the guys-the latest for church going on 3 yrs ago.
Good news-our warranty kicked in for the car repair-went from $900 (no wonder I almost had a migraine on the way home yesterday) to about $159-we have a $100 deductible and have to pay for the new serpentine belt. I betcha the people who traded the car in knew it had an a/c issue. Burns me up.
Speaking of burning-I did over 1/2 mile walk at the park. I took the low path and then the higher path and saw a few blue birds in the process. I should take my camera next time. The middle part with the play equipment was crowded with many moms, a few dads and kiddos. I have never seen it so occupied!
Then I came home and raked out some gardens-the herb bed and the other half of the fairy/gnome garden. I got this cutest solar piece-looks like the front of a little house and last night the little windows were bathed in a golden glow like the gnomes were inside for the night. : )
I emptied a few of the cart loads, but a few scars on my tummy started to hurt, so Brian did the rest after dinner.
I have to go pick out something for Easter dinner. Sean will be working all day-isn’t that sacrilegious of the store on that holy holiday?
Art work has taken a back seat-I do have one new collage. The collection is creeping up to 200. Carole asked what I was doing with the cards, I plan to pick out many to frame and put up on

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  1. sounds like a pretty good day.

    I came home and had no electricity for over 4 hours, so all I could do was sit in front of the window and read a book. I enjoyed it though.

  2. With the snowstorm we had yesterday, no yard work could be started. Today it’s sunny and melting but everything is so wet, can’t even rake the lawns yet. It will be May before I can even start doing anything in my faerie garden and flowerbeds!!

    Good for you for doing that walking and YES, you need to always have your camera with you, you just never know what can show up for you to take pictures of:-) I don’t always have my big camera with me but I do have my little camera in my purse at all times! lol

    Wow, good thing you have that warranty! Isn’t it ridiculous how expensive any kind of repair is on a car? That’s the problem with buying a used vehicle, never know what can go wrong that the previous owners knew about!!!

    The Glam collage is so lovely. And now I know what you do with your collages:-) I haven’t had a chance to work on any ATC’s this week and that reminds me, I need to take pictures of the ones I have made lately and post them on my blog tomorrow. xoxo

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