This reminds me of Carole too!


Vintage Rose Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

These are the colors of my pal’s refurbished, Victoriana influenced living room-pink and a pretty celery green. I started with the little girl ad and went from there.
Not much going on except that Sean’s car again needed work when he had just taken it in for inspection. It needs a water pump. A few months ago it was a exhaust system repair. He needs to look for another car as this one is now nickel and diming him.
I got my last issue of ‘The Food Network’ magazine in the mail today. I was looking for a chicken recipe and flipped it open and tried the Chicken with Pickle sauce. It was really good. You basically fry up flour dipped s&p seasoned boneless chicken in butter until brown (they should be only about 1/2 inch thick). Take them out of the pan and add one chopped onion and a cup of chicken broth (with thyme) to the pan. The sauce is two egg yolks, 1/2 cup chopped pickles (I used pickle relish) and scallions. Stir that into the onion/broth and do not boil-just let thicken. Add the chicken to warm it again. It’s like fried chicken with a side of deviled eggs.

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  1. You know me well, I sure do love my Victorian look:-) The latest cards you’ve been making are all so beautiful and yes, it certainly does make it easier when the craft supplies are all in order! Mine were but now they’re getting all mixed up again. lol

    Poor Sean, his car certainly has been giving him problems. It costs so much to get anything fixed on a car these days. Did your price of gas go up again? I just about had heart failure when I saw what ours is today…1.32 a liter which is about 5.28 a gallon!! It’s never been up that high.

    Chicken with Pickle Sauce, can’t say I’ve ever had that but it does sound interesting!! Speaking of food, it’s now lunch time and my stomach is grumbling so I’d better go fix myself something to eat:-) xoxo

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