James at the ACM Awards


I waited all evening on Sunday for James Taylor to make an appearance on the award show (I switched back and forth from ‘The Apprentice’). He came on about 10:50 pm with the Zac Brown Band and sang their song ‘Colder Weather’ and his song ‘Sweet Baby James’. I’ve never heard of that band, but Zac said he’s been greatly influenced by JT.
JT was smiling broadly when they all sang ‘SBJ’.
Monday I went to ‘Tuesday Morning’ and looked around there a bit and bought a few things like a box that looked like a big children’s book, a gnome door plaque for my garden and some rubber stamps that look like postage cancellations. I had some old earring jackets of Bri’s mom that were given to me, so I decided to see if there was a jeweler in the shopping center and there was. My main goal was to walk the entire length of the center as it’s a long one-I did half, but walked around the grocery store. It hit 75 on Monday (my sinuses were a bit bad though)! The temps are dropping a bit and we are expecting wind and rain soon. I also took a ring to be resized-thought it was a big topaz and it was a big aquamarine! I did get more money than I expected which I’d love to use toward new glasses, but we had a bill that needs to be paid. I did come home and fish out some wide silver necklaces to take soon. Back in 1995, we were burglarized and the theives got a lot of my stuff including my class rings and a ton of my marcasites. I was getting some of Mrs. C’s jewelry for holidays for the last 14 years and lots weren’t my taste. I bought this lap top with some I sold back in ’09 which means more to me than a wide necklace. I like costume jewelry too! The jeweler fixed my ring right in his little cubicle which I was surprised about.
My Mariner’s a/c won’t work so again we have to take it back to the dealership soon to get fixed. Bri said he saw something disconnected under the hood. Rats! I hope this is it for that vehicle.

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  1. I forgot all about the AMC awards so missed it! I don’t think I even had the tv on that night, had my cds playing:-) That’s a great shot of James!!

    Can’t believe your temps hit 75f, we won’t be seeing that for a while yet! lol Right now it’s 27f and it’s gray and dark out…woke up to snow yesterday morning, yuck! Last week felt so much like Spring but not this week.

    Good for you for being able to make money out of selling old jewelery! So many people are doing that these days. The only pieces of value that I have are my wedding rings and the $3500 sapphire & diamond ring I had won a few years back. The rest, as well as my gran’s jewelery she left me, is all costume jewelery.

    Fingers crossed you have no more problems with your Mariner! xoxo

  2. Sorry to hear about the vehicle problems. What a disappointment when you had such high hopes.

    I have been thinking about selling some jewelry, too. I still have my class ring and have no use or attachment to it, so it can go. In two weeks there is a knock-off of the Antiques treasure show that I booked in for a week at the hotel. I may bring a few items in to see what I can get.

    Hmmm…you mentioned your love of gnomes….check out my post today. I think I have a visitor who would really like to visit you!

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