Saturday’s shares


Mantel with Sarah’s fan, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I wanted to share the fan that I received from a Flickr pal as part of a group trade. I sent the one I made to another British lady. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t fully opened up, but what is showing looks pretty on my mantel.
Not far from this pretty sight is this sight:
Still sorting craft stuff
Some of those things are the decor in the living room, like the teddies in the chair and wicker carriage. That’s my old desk which I was going to paint. I have no place to put it right now, so hoping someone may want it. Opps-I still see some silk poinsettias! I plan on getting all this finally taken care of and soon. I am having trouble with how to sub-categorize the stickers and if I should sort ‘the scraps’ more. But to me the fun part is going through all the bits and pieces!
I filled up the rest of the cupcake holder with some carrots-the plastic sleeves that you can fill with candy-I used jelly beans!
Easter themed cupcake holder
I just got the pink salad bowl ‘back’ from Bri’s dad-we had given to them years ago and I could have been using it in the last 14 years.
I love the topiary bunnies!
Close up of faux topiary bunny
And the Full Worm moon is bigger (14%) and brighter (30%) than it’s been in 18 yrs! My photo doesnt’ show the detail. It’s in a position where it’s closer to the earth:
Full Worm Moon
And last but not least, I hope to do something neat with this framed mirror I bought at Ikea in January:
A project I'm thinking about
Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. That’s a cute fan. I think it would be nice to make one with pictures of the ladies in your family going back a few generations.

    Cute use of the cupcake holder, too.

    I saw that second picture and thought maybe you snuck into my sewing room and snapped a picture! LOL. I just finished my cupcake table runner and plan to clean up my mess this afternoon.

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