Sorting the hoarding


I guess that’s what I can call what I am doing to all the paper stuff I’ve accumulated over the last 4 yrs. It took getting a new desk to get serious about going through the stuff. I’m moving along and when working on an ATC yesterday, I knew where the paper was that I wanted to use and found some neat metal strips that I used that were buried in a bag. When I finish the scraps, I will move on to stickers. They were separated nicely in plastic folders with pockets, but one is bulging, so I have to divide that. Unfortunately my back is complaining from sitting on the floor too long. I can’t see to learn my lesson in that respect.
Tomorrow I do the liquid diet. To tell you the truth, if my back is too bad, I don’t know how I can go through that or the procedure. Sometimes my back greatly improves in one day, so that’s what I’m hoping for as I postponed the procedure twice now. Last night we ran down to the store and I got the ‘yummy’ jello and beef broth for tomorrow.
Does daylight savings bother you at all? I do prefer catching a few more winks than losing them.
Brian’s dad sent home a few things he found that he didn’t want anymore-most are things that we had given them for gifts that they never took out of the box to use. I hate that. I do like the pink glass bowl, so glad to get that back. Then he emptied out the remaining jewelry in her dresser-lots of loose earrings and broken chains. We kind of wish he’d do the garage. That will require a dumpster and at almost 88, he waited too long to do it by himself. My cousin is in the process of cleaning out my uncle’s house. She sent stuff home with my brother, most of which they tossed (expired cans of food!) and cassette tapes. Mom wanted her brother’s pipes and an owl picture he painted which she got. She also got the cap he use to wear all the time. Mom thinks that C. hasn’t even gotten to stuff in the rec room, many are probably old family things. I do have two carved birds and a painting Uncle Don made and gave me, so that is nice.
I better take it easy today and if I sort, spread it out on the dining room table. ; )

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