French inspired paper fan


French inspired fan for Art n' Soul-closed
I just finished this fan tonight! Whew as the deadline is tomorrow. I had all the ‘blades’ cut and attached, just needed to figure out how to embellish it. I really like the ‘eyelash’ fibers along the top edge. The lady was part of a paper doll. The rhinestone piece is one of my grandmom’s, but it was missing a few stones, had ‘spares’ and glued them in this. I added ‘amour’-yes, French for love as I think it makes your eyes glide across the fan. : ) Neat stickers for the lettering.

Thanks for asking how our basement was. It only got ‘somewhat’ wet as I didn’t see what was dumped out of the wet vac. I still haven’t gone down to check my stuff-I have mostly plastic boxes now and Brian said he moved a few cardboard ones out of the way.

What the people in Japan are going through is so horrible. I can’t handle anymore looking at the film footage where the houses and cars are swept into the water so quickly. I know there’s been other things happening in Ohio, Oklahoma and flooding in some areas around here too. I haven’t heard anything bad about the west coast. Praying lots!
I have a busy day coming up and will tell you about it tomorrow. Going to a family event and may take the camera.

Have a great weekend!
PS-Sorted mostly scrapbook paper for 2.5 hours today. I still need to resort stickers, ‘scrap’ papers and embellishments. It looks better near the desk, not so much in the middle of the room where the sorting is going on. It’s nice to know where stuff is.

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  1. ok here. for the first time in my life (that i remember anyway,) the EBS went off for a tsunami alert! parts of CA did get hit by a tsunami but nothing even remotely like what happened in Japan. damage here was mostly to boats and docks in 2 locations. just amazing that the waves traveled 5000 miles across the ocean with enough force to cause damage here.

    thoughts, heart and prayers are with the Japanese people. it is heartwrenching.


  2. Your fan is Gorgeous Dianne!!!!! I’ve never attempted to make one, was it hard to do? I need to sort my paper drawers, way too much stuff sitting around! But hard to resist more paper when I see the pretty patterns at the store. Hope everythings going well for you, take care.


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