A little blah feeling


Tuesday wasn’t a good day for me. Not sure if it was a tummy bug, hormonal, an allergy or a combo (!) but everything bothered me from my head to my tummy. Heard that half my one brother’s office was out with a bug. And I can’t forget that I don’t have an appendix anymore nor that I had pneumonia. I guess it’s one step forward, two back. I wanted to do a bunch of things yesterday too. I did go through some clothes and vacuum-that’s it. I sent Brian to the store in the evening and you know guys only get what’s on the list, unless they are adding stuff they want! LOL

Art items haven’t been touched either, though I have put a few stitches in my cross stitched items.

I do feel somewhat better today so maybe I will have some art to show later. : )

About Dianne

Domestic goddess, wife, mom, gardener, paper and collage artist, geocacher, local traveler, cross stitcher, baker, crafter, Facebooker, blogger, decorator and photographer.

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  1. You poor dear, I do hope you can soon be feeling well again, feeling blah sucks! I no longer have any hormonal problems…..now that I haven’t had my periods in over a year, everything has settled down and I’ve never felt better:-) No more cramps, aches and pains, headaches, sore boobs, etc! lol I know, more info than you wanted to hear! hehe xoxo

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