Vacation escape-don’t you wish?


Vacation escape 4" x 4 " Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The way the wind is whipping up the coast here, I saw this paper and lady in an inner tube and had to make a collage to remind me of the nicer weather to come! It’s nasty out there! I believe the lady is from an old Finnish magazine that was sent to me. I do have an inner tube story-a company Brian worked for years ago had their annual picnic at the Brandywine Picnic Park on the banks of-the Brandywine River! That has it’s bad points (flooding). One of the fun things you can do is go tubing which we all did! Of course someone had to say to watch for water snakes, but other than keeping an eye peeled, I had one of the most relaxing ‘floats’ ever! LOL
I made my first baked item in a while, mostly from a box, but very yummy-a Lemon Nut Pound Cake. I did take a photo too.
We were thinking of going to a book sale tonight, but it’s so chilly and dark, so we will go tomorrow or Sunday.
My procedures have been changed because the one office doesn’t do ‘both’ things and I have to have them done in the hospital which are different days. So it will be March 9th instead of the 4th. Gives me a little break and I get the prep kit for free if I go down to the office to pick it up.
I’ll just be glad when all this stuff is over as I want to join the gym Sean is going to and get more serious about my weight. I do a few floor exercises and I think the stretching and all helps my joints. I want Brian to join to. It’s a 24/7 place and much cheaper than the ‘Y’.
Have a great weekend!

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