Fading rose


Fading rose-no flash, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I finally got around to doing a few projects today even though I was tired from our jaunt to Lancaster yesterday. Sean insisted we go and it was crazy busy up there! We tried this one outlet center-waited 10 minutes to get in the place, but once in, there was no where to park! I think we looked in a 4-5 stores in other shopping centers. I did find a scrapbook store I hadn’t looked in on previous trips for some retail therapy. I hit QVC when I was getting hungry-the entire store was 50% off and crowded with mostly women my age! I got a few tops and a jacket for $30. They mostly need some buttons sewn on tighter and need to be pressed. We ate at a buffet that we enjoyed back in October but were less than pleased with the prime rib that was not cooked well and very fatty. They slapped this big piece of meat on Brian’s plate and it didn’t look good to him (or us) at all. I complained to the restaurant about it through email.
The most fun I had was looking around the ‘Christmas Tree Shop’. They have a huge store in Lancaster! I picked up a few more of the faux cupcakes there.
Today I’m feeling being in the wind and cold-my eyes and sinuses are dry. That was the longest I’ve been out since he middle of January.
The rose is one that was part of a bunch from Brian for Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Retail therapy always makes me feel better too! lol I need to go clothes shopping one of these days but I’ll wait until the Spring stuff is all out . With the temperature being -1F today, my Winter clothes will be worn for a bit longer! lol

    Love those faux cupcakes! I bought 3 last year at our Pier Imports store and want to go back soon to see if they have more in. I have one of those cupcake stands and have filled it up with cupcakes many times:-) Especially at Easter time, I enjoy making fancy cupcakes.

    Lots of our snow has melted but still lots more to go yet. We usually have snow until the end of March or early April. xoxo

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