Photo Hunt-Education


This is the booklet I received and got ‘autographed’ at the end of the ’72-’73 school year. I was in ‘junior’ high. The school was newly built. Now my niece attends the same school all these years later. : )
I’ve been in touch with many of the people who signed this book 38 years ago-mainly because of Facebook.

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  1. Hey Dianne, I read in the facebook of Photohunt that you can´t post a comment on the PH page. I can´t read or post comments. Jamie has no e-mail and I wonder how you have solved this problem???
    Best regards

  2. Hi, I haven’t checked back on FB but she changed from her own domain to a public one a few weeks back and I haven’t been able to leave a comment. I left a message last week on FB and she didn’t respond to that either. Dianne

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