So proud of me!


I finally got behind the wheel for a longer jaunt down to my mom’s. I drove the Mariner and enjoyed it, though I felt like Brian was white knuckling being a passenger-lol. The gas and brakes seem very touchy. I did have to jam on the brakes when a line of traffic going through a green light suddenly stopped. Brian was not amused. It was so nice to see my mama! I finally gave her the little terrier dog ornament I finished up and she liked it. We took her down to JoAnn’s. They had some decent sales and I wish I had looked through patterns of things I want to sew, as it seemed like the fabrics were the best deals, though I got 40% off on some paper embellishments. I had to wait about 20 minutes in line-never saw it that bad. It wasn’t too terrible for me-whew. I had whipped together a big pot of chili, so that’s what we had when we got in. Now Brian is watching the Super Bowl, I’m half watching. ; )
Still looking through blogs for OWOH-up to 433 I think-whew!
My sibling wouldn’t even come up out of the basement to say ‘hi’ to Brian or me (he won’t answer the phone when I call). He didn’t call me when I was in the hospital either. I don’t get him, but it sure doesn’t make it easy to come visit there. His dog and my mom’s dog love Bri and me!

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