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I went to the surgeon this morning for a follow-up visit. Seems my appendix had a benign polyp attached to it and she is all gung ho about me getting a colonoscopy. I signed up for one on March 4th. I feel I still need time to get over this pneumonia and feel stronger. I’m also getting an endoscopy as sometimes I had swallowing issues, which may be from stress, but better to get that checked out. The same surgeon will do the procedures, so I’ll be in good hands. She was kind enough to give me a prescription for a yeast infection as she didn’t even prescribe the medicine that bothered me. It was one pill-$15! Better be like magic.
When I got up super early, I sent email to the above blog lady and she must be super busy as my link isn’t on the event yet and she’s in the 200s. Please leave a comment if you like the goods. : )
Here’s a card I made a few weeks ago called ‘Belles in Mushroomland’. It’s made from mostly scraps, more so then some of my cards. I have to get working on those 4″ x 4″ collages again. I guess my personal challenge will extend to September now.
Belles in Mushroomland 4" x 4" Collage card

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