The temperature right now…



Just saying-wowowow! But why am I so warm-the medicine, the flu shot? And I am having trouble sleeping too. The painkiller will help but make me all sweaty. Wish me luck!

We got a 2005 Mercury Mariner tonight, for Brian and I to share until he can get a newer vehicle too. It’s white with black interior with beige down the middle of the seats. Also a sunroof! I got a ride and will have to get use to it as it’s so much smaller than my van was. Will show a photo soon.

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  1. So glad to hear you found a vehicle! It sounds nice.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    It’s -8 degrees here today. I am not even going to stick my head outside! I’ve been sewing all day and just stopped to clean a roasting chicken for dinner. The bird even had a big long feather sticking out its wing! Creepy!

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