Where have I been lately?


I guess a few inquiring minds want to know maybe? To sum it all up in a tidy little nutshell:
Tuesday morning around 3:30 am I woke up with a sharp pain in my tummy, like a burning ulcer feeling. I went back to sleep and woke up a few hours later, ate something and my stomach still felt heavy and like it I had an ulcer. Just felt unwell all over. I decided to see the doctor. When I got up to go around 9, the pain went down to the right area. It took a while to see the doctor, but he suggested I go to the ER because of where the pain was and that it traveled down to the right. I had an ultrasound and Cat scan and the later showed my appendix was inflamed and that I had pneumonia in the bottom of my left lung. Big surprises to me! A lovely surgeon came in and said that my appendix was coming out with laproscopic surgery that night. So that was a successful operation (she didn’t know if she’d have to go the ‘old-fashioned’ route). The pnuemonia held me up getting out yesterday (Thursday), so I was there 3 nights. I was loaded up with tons of medication including about 5 shots of blood thinner in the tummy. Got a flu shot. Had 5 sticks for IV, two went bad-not fun stuff. I have to keep quiet for a week and do a medicine for my pneumonia. I’m not sleeping right now, but am worn out. I hope to be my old self soon. : )

About Dianne

Domestic goddess, wife, mom, gardener, paper and collage artist, geocacher, local traveler, cross stitcher, baker, crafter, Facebooker, blogger, decorator and photographer.

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  1. Oh, my goodness, I am so sorry to hear about that! I thought maybe something was up when I did not hear from you in 4 days.

    Rest, relax and hope you get well soon!

  2. I bet you never thought all that would happen when you woke up that morning! My goodness, you really have been through the wringer. Not only having to have your appendix taken out but finding out you have pneumonia, no fun at all. Make sure you do as the doctor ordered and get plenty of rest. The guys will just have to take care of things themselves:-) xoxo

  3. Wow, when I saw your pictures on facebook, I was thinking when did that happen and did I miss something-but I didn’t want to ask. You have had a time, hope things are back on the upswing again and you are feeling better! please take it easy!

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