Winter Colour Week 2011-Starting with red!


I saw this challenge on Kari’s Artsymama’s blog and thought it would be fun to participate-get some mileage out of all those Flickr photos. Check out Poppy’s link The color for Monday is Crimson/red/berry-so I am sharing my first finish of 2011-Nickademus the sock monkey! He will be turned into an ornament sooner or later. I also shared a berry wreath and the winter berries that you just saw, but some red ones.

Here’s the list:
Monday – Reds

Tuesday – Whites

Wednesday – Blues

Thursday – Greens

Friday – Silver and Gold

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  1. Awwww that’s so adorable! Sock monkeys have really been making a big comeback. I have one that one of my blogging friends made for me and he sits watching me all the time! lol At one of the Christmas events I went to, there was a gal wearing a sock monkey hat, it was so cute:-) xoxo

  2. Guess it only figures you found a Kia Sportage you might like after stitching a sock monkey! You can go with this or you can go with that! Remember their first ad compaign featured the toys that took the car out for a joyride and the sock monkey drove!

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