Up the hill where the deer roam


We got about 4″ of snow last night. Seems like we are getting a lot early on this winter. In Philly, they’ve had a foot. We maybe have gotten half of that and it’s only 35 miles away.
I was going to go all out and tidy up my living room until I starting getting tummy spasms. Sean said he wasn’t feeling too chipper either. I took some medicine and did manage to eat a veggie burger and mac and cheese. The winter blahs I guess.
On Friday a plumber is coming to hopefully unclog our bathroom sink. We’ve had trouble for months-it’s not even draining-Bri decided to use the plunger which made it worse. I have to clean out under the sink and all around where he’ll be working. Fun.

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  1. No new snow here, just a little bit that’s left from when we had a snowfall at the start of December. This will be 2 years in a row that we don’t much snow in January at all…now that I said that, watch us get a huge snowstorm! lol It’s darn cold though, only a high of 10F today.

    Hopefully the plumber was able to find out the cause of your clogged bathroom sink drain and that it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg!!! xoxo

  2. I keep seeing all the snow Philly is getting and thinking of you! It is weird that you are so close and not getting nearly as much.

    We are the same as Miss Pea….cold,. but little new snow since we got hit with 2 feet in early Dec….we keep watching all the snow the east coast is getting and saying, “Better them than us.” LOL.

    I hope the plumber gets it all fixed for you. I know it’s miserable living with plumbing that is not working correctly.

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