Collages galore!


I finished up three more collages, but didn’t do the one for the 9th as I wanted to do a bit of cross stitching on an older project which I did while watching the special on TLC about the royal weddings.
I wanted this to be a travel collage and I ran across this sticker with a quote by former Monty Python player Michael Palin. He was my favorite in that group and my mom said he looks like her dad. I had pulled the map out to use and saw that it had Sudbury on it where my blogger pal Carole lives! I found a photo of Michael pointing to a globe-not the best, but fit the card. Not sure why my printer has line issues through some dark photos.
Then I was looking through a bag of die-cuts I got at that cool scrapbooking store in Bucks County and ran across the copy of this advertising-have no idea what it’s for. Made him a bell hop:
At Your Service 4" x 4" Collage Card
I printed out a group of Winslow paintings I had gotten as freebies from Dover Pubs. I just embellished it a little:
Tending flowers 4" x 4" Collage Card
Going to get my hair done later, go to Trader Joe’s and then hope to get my mom out for a nice dinner. She is still having some issues that she may have to get help with resolving. Something is not right.
It’s suppose to snow tomorrow. Good day to get the rest of the decorations packed-I did so well on Saturday, I just need another hour to get the rest done and organized.

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  1. I thought it was so neat to see the part of the map you used on your collage:-) Seeing my hometown as well as all the familiar places around made me smile. I always enjoy seeing what projects you’ve been working on!!

    Hope you were able to bring your mom out for dinner and find out what’s going on!! xoxo

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