Starting to look for a car


Tomorrow the Purple Heart will tow my van away. I cleaned it out today and didn’t mice get in it and leave a gift! It’s right in the driveway too. Brian took off the license plate. I got on auto*trader’ and a place up in Lancaster has a few vehicles that I am interested in. One requirement-I have to sit up a bit higher than a sedan, because I’m only 5′ 2 1/2″ tall. I am looking at Ford* Escapes or Explorers and Kia* Sportages. This place has a Sportage for dirt cheap, but it has over 100k miles on it. We buy used, never had a new car. My brother the mechanic says you shouldn’t look at the mileage as much as the upkeep, etc of the car. I just do not like rust or holes. We’ll see. I feel a bit blue as the van is the vehicle Sean learned to drive in. I remember letting him drive around a parking lot ‘for the first time’ about 6 or 7 yrs ago. He was more than ready to drive, but still has issues with parallel parking.
We need to gather some funds together first anyway. I saved up a wee bit so far.

Some of my Christmas decor is in a big pile in the living room-mostly pillows and stuffed animals. They all go in those big Hefty bags. The tree will gradually get unloaded. I took the wreath off the door (need to replace it). Once I start taking stuff down, I want to get it over with.

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  1. I remember when we got rid of the car that the boys had learned to drive with and had gotten them to and from university for 4 years…I had a lump in my throat watching it be taken away. We’re such sentimental saps! lol Hope you can find another vehicle soon!

    I took down my tree and all the decorations around the house today…everything looks so empty now! I was glad to get it all done but now my back is protesting. lol When I start, I don’t give up until it’s all done, that’s my problem. Everything is now put away until next Christmas:-) xoxo

  2. I also got busy with ‘undecorating’ today. The tree is bare and all but two or three of the other decorations are also packed away for another year. I’d probably leave stuff up till Valentine’s Day in all honesty, but our house gets so cluttered anyway – a full sized tree in the living room really doesn’t help matters. LOL!

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