Seriously…I’m in shock!


I got the newest issue of ‘Peeps’ (let’s call it that) Magazine as it featured ‘people’ who have lost a ton of weight. Now most of the ones they showed were in their 20s-30s and me being in my early 50s, I wanted to see if anyone this age could loss weight because of having hormonal issues, etc. Then I ran across the article on Drew ‘Price is Right’ Carrey! Holy cow-he looks like a different person:

Amazing-he went for about 246 to 180. Losing his older brother was a wake up call for him. Though he’s a guy, I wanted to share.
I did my first set of ‘floor exercises’ in a week or so as I haven’t been well because of my sinus condition. I went to the pharmacy to get my hbp medicine and wanted to see what I could take as regular Suda*fed isn’t good-the kind with PE in it is ok. I came home and took some and feel so much better. I do want to lose 20 pounds to start. We love our carbs like pasta and bread, but I guess I’ll have to change to whole wheat pasta, etc. I am urging Brian to do some kind of exercise as he is getting a tummy again and snacking endlessly.
Will do some walking as weather permits, but I really want to not take hbp medicine though the pharmacist said it’s so common now you wouldn’t believe it.

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  1. I happened to watch Price Is Right the other day and noticed right away how much weight Drew Carey had lost…good for him:-) I always think it’s easier for celebrities to lose weight since they can get their own personal chefs and trainers. I need to become a celebrity!!!! LOL

    Best of luck in losing some weight, my biggest foe is not having any willpower!! Sigh.

    No, I haven’t received your parcel yet but then with the holidays, we’ve hardly had any mail service. I’m sure it will most probably show up in my mailbox on Tuesday when the mail service resumes:-) Will let you know as soon as I do receive it!! xoxo

  2. I saw Drew Carey’s show last week when I was on vacation and was also surprised to see the weight loss. For some reason I thought he had been sick?? .

  3. Amazing isn’t it? Have you seen John Goodman? Totally astounding and done without surgery too….if they can do it we can do it 🙂 (or that’s what I’m telling myself over, and over)

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