Some art shares


I actually worked on 4 of these Sunday as a prelude to baking cookies. I got one batch of cookies done-a ‘crackle’ sugar cookie that baked too rapidly. They aren’t that pretty, but nice and crisp and probably good with a cuppa tea. I have the batter mixed up for some others that I will make later.
This is a ‘Steampunk’ card and it looks crooked on the top, but it really isn’t. Steampunk is based on the Jules Verne era, but the twist is you make it a bit more modern.
Winter Beauty 4" x 4" Collage Card
Then I was looking through some Christmas things and ran across a few of the same Christmas cards-the main design was a floral collage! That made a nice background for the next collage-I added the lady and some embellishments.
Screen Stars (Lana Turner) 4" x 4" Collage Card

I bought a few things at A.C.*Moore Saturday night and one item as a felt filmstrip piece. I remembered I scanned an old movie magazine of my mom’s that featured actress Lana Turner. I think it was from the early 1950s. My mom, grandmom (I forget who else) had seen Lana Turner at a taping of ‘The Mike Douglas Show’ in the 1970s. She was a bit flaky on the show for some reason saying that Clark Gable (if I recall) had bad breath. Hmmm. That show was out of Philadelphia.
I finished stitching an ornament and will try to assembly her tomorrow. I started it last year. So now I will pick out something else. I have enough Christmas ornament charts to fill 3 trees. : )

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