A peek of Christmas


Brian did some outdoor shots last night-some with a tripod, some not. I like this one of the front bay window and the tree showing.
Star lights line the walkway
These are the new ‘moving’ (inside) stars along the sidewalk.
Wreath sparkles in the spotlight
This is a wreath I got at Big*Lots that was about $7, but originally close to $30 if I remember. The gold bow was added on. I never pay full retail if I can help it. : )
These snowflakes are pretty!
White, blue and aqua lights grace the hedges
Extreme long shot of the house.
Fallen tree covered with snow
Brian thought this was interesting as the snow is mainly on this dead tree out back.
And last but not least-chocolate chip cookies!
First batch of cookies-chocolate chips
These were the last batch, so not as many chocolate chips.
Crinkle Sugar Cookies were made tonight and Sour Cream Drops with the burnt butter icing tomorrow!

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