Just had to get the shopping out of the way


I dragged Brian to the grocery store and kind of knew this one place would be fairly quiet-I think I saw maybe 5 or so other shoppers. There are a few things I have to pick up at the closer store, but I got our meat for Christmas-prime rib! Yum! And tomorrow I think I’ll make some French onion soup as the first course (or I may do some cookies and then the soup). We had some of the above soup at Brian’s reunion and I forgot how yummy it is. I’ll do some kind of pasta dish for the night before. We’ll be seeing my mom that night and I’ll bring the pot down to share with her and whoever is there to eat it! We’ll drop by my brother’s house too. We have been going to midnight mass at a church nearby. Our own church doesn’t do it-I don’t know why, but to me it welcomes Christmas and it is indeed a special time.
I was cleaning more today and fighting with my sinuses too. I’m not allowed to take Sudafed with the HBP med I am on. That’s not good as now I have to do more than I use to have to do.
I found a photo of Sean, my nephew and Uncle Don taken about 6 years ago. Half the family had gone over to give gifts and to visit Uncle Don and Aunt M as she was still living there at the time. Speaking of Aunt M., she will be 95 tomorrow (in a nursing home). Uncle didn’t look so hot in at old photo. Mom said she misses talking to him on a daily basis. That’s exactly what I missed when my Grandmom got too feeble to answer the phone.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I’ll get outside one of these nights for some house shots. It’s just to dang cold!

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  1. We are having prime rib this year, too. It’s not my favorite, but Jim loves it. Now French onion soup–YUM. I just had a bowl of it Saturday night when we went out to dinner.

    You are pretty ambitious decorating the outside of the house. It looks very pretty with your blue theme.

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