Congrats to book winner


I wrote the numbers 1-5 on little pieces of paper and shook them in an Altoid tin and #5-Michele won the Nancy Noel angel book. I have emailed her and I hope she gets back to me shortly. This is a beautiful book and I’m sorry more people didn’t try to win it, but I’m glad I had 5 enter.

Still decorating! I couldn’t find the stockings and kept seeing things I wanted to use in the living room and family room. I mainly just do those two spaces as my house isn’t that large. I need to find my musical ornament with the skating scene inside. I decided to put batteries in lots of things, so there are interactive things too. : )
I got my cards ‘almost’ all finished and mailed off. I kinda play a waiting game with some people who seem to never send cards and it’s not the cheapest thing to do anymore. I was really sad to see that a bag of my saved cards had fallen on the floor near where we had flooding and they got wet and were growing mold-ugh! I was weary about looking around that area because it’s so crowded with stuff and was sorry to see this and who knows what else may be ruined I’m not seeing. : (
I will take some photos all around one of these days. I do major cleaning at this time of year and want things to look spiffy for photos.
I go back to the doctor next week for a check-up. Couldn’t see the first doctor, but will see the doctor’s PA. He’s been there forever and I trust he can read a blood pressure and blood test results. My bp seems to be down, like in the 130s on the top and around 77 on the bottom. It’s been up to 150 and down in the 140s. I am taking a pill a day. I read it takes 6 weeks to see if it truly helps you and this seems to be. A lady from Facebook had a mini-stroke, but she lives in a tropical area and was in the states for a visit-happened to her in PA. She’s telling me to go to the doctor and I had already! Sometimes people forget to pull down the rest of the comments.
Update-Michele just got back to me-the book will be on it’s way soon!

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