Comes and goes


I get excited about Christmas and then something happens. Today Sean and I were going to take the van about 5 miles down the road to a produce place I found. He started to back up and had to put his foot all the down on the pedal! Now how lucky was it that we were still in the driveway? After we went out, I said I’d treat him to lunch. Our feathers were a bit ruffled as it was and we needed a nice meal. We went to this place we frequent once a month and went up to the counter. The guy was making some kind of beverage, like a smoothie and he let us stand there without making eye contact or saying a word. We decided to spend our money on lunch elsewhere and found a nice cafe with very nice women. It was like night and day.

This afternoon, I was putting away the autumn decor and that took a while. I tried to dress the mantel with one kind of garland, and it didn’t work. I have some pink tinsel up now, but I think I am going to go for an evergreen with something wrapped around it. I found a pretty faux poinsettia topiary, but the pot is cracked and it’s kind of big. I did have fun putting out the Blushing Bunnies and Cherished Teddies-so cute.

My Christmas card will hopefully be assembled and printed by Tuesday. I need to borrow Sean’s car to go to my hometown for a hair appointment on Monday. Someone will have to pick him up at 10:30 at night.

My mom seems to have her financial situation moving along and things will be better when my brother starts his new job and they both get on their feet.

I was happy that I could get my monthly oil payments reduced and also get the service added on  in case we need it.

Cancel lots of email subscriptions that were clogging my inbox like crazy. Is it necessary to send 1-2 emails a day?

Almost finished one of the best books I’ve read in a long time called ‘The Forgotten Garden’ by Kate Morton. I like endings that surprise me! Sometimes I wonder if the author’s ever write the endings first? : )

We may put up the tree tomorrow if I more more stuff out of the way. : )

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  1. I was taking down the dining autumn decor today and intended to redo it with something for Christmas. I brought up my elf table runner and some coordinating things from the basement, but when I tried to put it all together, it just did did not work….so I decided not to decorate the dining room at all. I guess I am not feeling the decorating spirit this year.

    I did add some blue jean stockings to my Christmas tree. I think the tree is all I am going to do this year. If that is all I do, It will be so wonderful when I have to put it all away!

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