Passing time


Ginseng 4" x 4" Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

It was one of those days when you have something planned and then it falls through. I was going to go to Longwood Gardens and it was just so dreary and spitting rain-ugh. I ended up making a pot of stew and trying some new crochet stitches for maybe a future gift. Seems like I can do more stuff like this tomorrow as it will be very rainy.
We are all upset by something that happened with my father-in-law. He is fine, but he let a man in his house who said he was an antique dealer from North Carolina. Just because he had a ‘business card’ and a truck. The three of us flipped out. So many ‘bad’ things could have happened. The guy cased out the house and did purchase 6 things for $250. Cash only-no check or receipt for what he bought. We got the name of the guy’s business from Brian’s dad and tried to look him up and said viewing the site could harm our computer! Doesn’t sound good. I hope the money was real. His dad argued uphill and down dale that he knows when to trust people, etc. Said he won’t tell us when he wants to do that again. Smart-no common sense. My grandmom’s sister started to act like this-she picked up an hitchhiker and soon had to go in a home. It may be time to get the ball rolling as Dad C. can’t take chances like this!
So…my collage card was going to be all black and white and then I ran across the soap wrapper and other Asian images and there you go.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your fil, my husband’s aunt got swindled out of thousands of dollars in her last few years because her daughters got mad and quit coming around. Even though it is hard for you and your family he is lucky to have you there.

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