Home messy home


It took Brian several hours to install our new microwave. When we opened the box, I realized why it was a good price-the one we picked up was another Samsung model. I was a bit peeved. There’s also a dent on one side that we didn’t make. When Bri went to put in the vent cover, the vents are on the top, not pointed to the front like illustrated in the installation booklet. I do plan to call for the above problems (plus the fan is really loud). I paid for a special warranty, so maybe they will take a look at it. I also took photos of the dent and incorrect vent. My kitchen needs a good tidying up too.
While Bri was struggling with the blasted machine, I made my collage cards. I went through my scrap box and came up with these. The mansion behind the lady with the guitar stated under photo that it was the Mississippi Governor’s mansion-not sure if it’s the current one or not, but it’s so pretty.
I started with the Chinese paper for this one and went from there.
No one can hear you 4" x 4 " collage card
Earlier Brian and I stopped at the church bazaar and bought a big box of mushrooms and a lovely quilted piece from a young lady-Cate, who is actually our neighbor. I told her I’d give her some publicity as she’s made many beautiful pieces and isn’t charging that much for them. I bought an octangular Thanksgiving piece for the middle of my round table for only $10. I will add the photo soon.
I am kicking around with knitting. I bought some pom-pom yarn for $2.50 at Michael’s and got one of their free direction leaflets. Well I couldn’t get it at all and decided to look at the wrapper on the yarn and it said to knit twice between the pom-poms. That worked! Earlier I picked up the needle the wrong way and off went the stitches. I had to undo about 5″ or more! What a pain.
And last but not least, Brian went earlier to pick up the nice firm sofa cushions-it’s like a new sofa! I plan to stuff the back cushions myself in the corners where they are a bit unstuffed-the Michael’s was out of stuffing! I’m glad I had this done-saving our backs. When my mom complained how flat the cushions were, I listened as she is such a thin little thing.

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