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We had the microwave repair guy here and he said the magnetron went and it would be $300 to replace it. Like really? People ‘let’ them fix that when a new microwave is about the same price-crazy! I looked up the price of magnetrons and they run about $50-just think of the profit repair people make! I had to hand out $67 for him to tell me that. Bri tried the GE on ‘heat beverage’ and it gota little hot, but it won’t heat any other way. Sean and I hightailed it to a Sears store in Delaware where there is no sales tax. Good thing we live so close. I had a gift card from when we bought the washing machine in the summer. The washer was almost paid off too. Before we went, I checked the new issue of Consumer Reports and Samsung rated first. When we saw it we liked it. I haven’t seen many microwaves with a ‘melt/soften’ feature. And the price was right too. Marked down to $218 from about $270.

We can go pick it up Friday, but will wait until Saturday. And my guys will install it which I hope goes smoothly.
We went downstairs in Sears and I’ve been itching to get a good pair of walking shoes and saw Dr. Scholls were on sale, so I got them! I wanted Skechers, but they are pricier, but after reading a few reviews, I think they may be worth it. I’m not hard on sneaks, but I read where a few women said they had issues with the eyelet holes or them coming apart. Maybe they got a few bad pairs-people who write the reviews are usually the ones who have something to complain about. I put them on in the car and they are so comfy!
Hope to get the sofa cushions dropped off for new foam as we can’t stand them anymore as they are so flat. The loose back cushions need help too.
There are so many good sales in the mall! Wow, the stores are really marking down merchandise. I saw nice flannel shirts for Bri for about $15. I did get a couple more pairs of leggings as they were so cheap. I guess if you have the moola, you could really go to town!
Flashback-I recognized a woman in Boscov’s that I went to community college with-yeah I’m good that way. She was in the same major. I didn’t say anything to her, but how funny is it when you see people you haven’t seen in years? I saw her at a fair one time with her husband and kids. She looks like a bigger Amy Roloff from the TLC show.

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  1. Isn`t it ridiculous what they charge to repair appliances?! As you say, you can buy it new for almost the same price!! Glad you were able to get yourself a new microwave, great sale price too. Mine is going on 5 years old and I’ve noticed it sometimes acts up by not heating like it should so I guess I’ll be shopping for a new one soon.

    I’m sure you’ll find your Dr. Scholls very comfy. My mom has a pair of their sneakers that she wears when she goes for walks and just loves them. xoxo

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