Princess Kate…next year!


I’m happy to hear that Prince William ‘finally’ became engaged to his steady of what is it, 8 yrs. It happened last month, but they just told the public today. She is wearing Diana’s sapphire ring-hope it isn’t jinxed, but again, after all those years he should know! : )

I have that neat crown scrapbook paper and added the young lady under one. She’s really a fairy princess what-a-be. : )

I had a very restless night last night. I forgot to take a Tylenol before the fasting period began for the bloodwork. Big mistake. I had dragged about 14 grocery bags in earlier and was feeling that. I got myself to the doc’s office and was in and out in 15 minutes. Please keep me in your thoughts as it’s been a while. Bri had bloodwork last week and hasn’t heard, so he’ll probably get his results in the mail.

It was a good day for a nap-rainy and blah, so that’s what I did.

I got up refreshed to enjoy Barbra Streisand on Oprah. I love her estate in California:

Gorgeous home and pond in foreground

And Babs and Bob are together again for their 1st interview ever! Did you not love ‘The Way We Were’ too?

Redford and Streisand together again

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  1. Hello dear Dianne, I’m finally back to blogging after my break to renovate my living room…glad that’s all over with!! I really missed posting and visiting my dear friends.

    I was so thrilled to hear of the engagement between William and Kate…about time:-) They seem so perfect together and I just know Diana would approve. Love the princess collage!

    I hope you get your bloodwork results soon and that they come out fine. I hate waiting for results like that, your imagination tends to take over!!

    Wow, Barbra Streisand’s estate is gorgeous! Is she still married to James Brolin? I still can’t get over that they even got together! lol

    Dianne, I mailed out your birthday card today. I’m so sorry for being so late with it but it completely slipped my mind that your birthday is tomorrow…for some reason I kept thinking it was only next week. I enclosed something with it so hope you like it:-) xoxo

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