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Today is Veteran’s Day in the US. I finally made a collage to commemorate the day a few hours ago. I found the stars and striped wing in an old American history book. I feel like it’s a day we should go about our lives quietly and with dignity.
I went to the doctor and my bp was high again. The tech took it right after I got there and then the doctor did. The reading was 20 points lower for the doctor. I’m on hp medicine and I’m getting bloodwork on Tuesday. I really try and take care of myself and watch what I make for meals and how much I eat. The issue is probably the exercise thing, but I get lots of aches and pains. I think she wrote down that I have arthritis too. At least I can try and do more. She also said stress and hormones can play a factor in high bp.
I also made this card for yesterday.
Young at Heart 4" x 4" Collage
My mom went to the hearing guy near here yesterday and she still is having trouble with her hearing aids today. I wish she would write down what the guy says! Sean and I took her to a Wally World nearby so he could get new front tires (and his discount). We enjoyed looking around the store and then took mom to Chili’s which she loved. Mom stayed overnight and left quickly because my brother and her friend were helping her do things at her house.
So I’m trying to ‘hang in there’, though my tummy is off. I ate stuff I shouldn’t have yesterday (salsa, soft pretzels and caramel corn-not in that order- and plus I was stressed about the visit today.

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  1. Hi Dianne,
    What a nice V. Day tribute ATC.

    I am sorry to hear that the BP was high. I think exercise is very helpful, but we all find it hard to exercise as we get older.

    My friend (over 70) has had a very sore shoulder for months. Last month he began exercising (lifting weights) and he said his soreness is gone!

    It is amazing what exercise can do. I just wish I would feel like doing more of it!

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