Imagine 4" x 4" Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

My uncle checked himself into a nursing home without telling my mom. I got the lowdown from his stepdaughter. He isn’t too far from the hospital that he was in. He still is having trouble getting up by himself as he is still weak. His stepdaughter said she needs to have his house professionally cleaned. Not sure if he’ll be going back there, but he wants to.
I made an appointment with the doctor to talk about my blood pressure. The bottom number is usually normal but the top one hasn’t been below 148 and goes up to 177. Strange. I’ve had the worst PMS this month and that concerns me. I had a hot flash that lasted 1/2 hour before I took my socks off to cool down. This is a difficult age for sure!
So today I had this little chipmunk left from a guide book page (used another for a greeting card) and he looked cute with the tree background. The rest just seemed to fit.
Mom is suppose to try again to come out and get her hearing aides adjusted. She was set to come on Monday and the man who does the adjusting wasn’t there! Whew! She goes to the nearby senior center.
It was a nice day and I took a stroll and then took Mr. Cosmo Kitty out for one. He had some catnip too. When we were eating dinner, I looked down at his sorry begging face and saw a tick crawling near his eye! Wow-thought they were gone for the winter.

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  1. Gool luck at the Dr. He will probably give you some meds. It seems like everyone gets them for high bp at some point before they reach 60 years old. Mine was a bit high at my yearly check up so I will probably be next.

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