Polly put the Kettle on-it’s getting darn cold!


I was suppose to spend the day tidying up, but alas, I was not up to it from our excursion yesterday. Mom said my uncle was so beat he couldn’t get out of the hospital bed today. I worry about him. He’s like a dad to me and I think I remind him of his mom. Like her, I will sit and figure out how to put things together or cook many dishes from memory.
I did go to a book sale yesterday and found a few new books for my collage art and a few to sell. I found this cute Kate Greenway drawing in the annotated Mother Goose book and decided to use it as I am a teetotaler myself. Can’t stand to drink coffee.
And the next one, for today is the ‘udderly divine bovine’. I just couldn’t help myself.
Udderly divine bovine 4" x 4" Collage card
My mom may be staying overnight tomorrow, but not sure because of the pets. The little dog would only have to be in the cage a few hours. I think she needs a change of scenery. She is coming out in this area to get her hearing aides adjusted-for the first time since she got them and it’s long over do! Amen.

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  1. Polly put the kettle on…………….that is drumming up some memory……………but I can’t quite place it……………..

    I hope your Uncle is doining better today.

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