Happy Halloween!


Made this about 7:30 tonight. Good one for the holiday and used 2d stickers mostly. We get no trick or treaters, never did, so we went food shopping! I eyed some cute decorations that may be half price tomorrow-may go see before I go to my hometown.
Hope today and tonight was a good time for all!

Some updates-
My uncle is out of the ICU and in a room, but in pain and on intravenous. That poor man. We have to go see him one of these days.
My mom’s dogs both came home yesterday and were zonked. If mom hadn’t found the empty pill bottle, little Kelsey would have been no more. She is happy about that, but has some issues still-getting an injection in her eye and then she goes to counseling.

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  1. Cute holiday ATC. Look how I just toss that acronym around like I know what I am doing! LOL. I never heard of an ATC until I started reading your blog. 🙂

    We had just 5 kids last night. Hardly worth buying the candy — now I will have to eat all the leftovers.

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