300 to go!


Remember You 4" x 4" Collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Here are my collages for Friday and Saturday-I’m up to #65, so I have 300 to go! (Yikes!) The angel was found in a collection of angel statue postcards. The background was shiny and I roughed it up a bit. I added a few phrases for good luck.
The gentleman one was mostly from my scrapbook page that could separate in long pieces. I added the man’s head, the cityscape and trumpet.

Dressed to Nines 4" x 4" Collage
As of this morning, my uncle was still in the ICU. Mom said he had a tube up his nose. He’s a fighter!

Brian did some yard work mostly with the leaf bagger until it started to clog up on him. He put a lot of stuff (more like jammed it) in the shed, but he (we) need to clean up a little more. It was sunny but chilly today.

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  1. Halloween

    The night is dark
    and the goblins are out,
    and the witches and black cats
    are prowling about.

    And costumed creatures
    the strangest I’ve seen,
    are knocking on doors
    ’cause tonight’s Halloween!

    Happy Halloween dear Dianne:-) I love all of the art projects you’ve been making, so beautiful. My prayers continue for your uncle and oh dear, I do hope both dogs will be ok!! xoxo

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