Weird day


My uncle made it through his surgery with a spinal and is intensive care for 24 hours which will be critical. No one can visit him there. He had a tumor in his intestines and the area around that removed and then re-sectioned. That’s a lot for an 87 yr old.

So unfortunately I had to go for my annual gyn appt. today. I felt ok, a bit nervous as I took my van that has a transmission issue. The hospital is about 15 miles away. I decided to walk up two flights of steps and it was warm. So the tech goes to take my blood pressure and it deflates twice. Then she tries the other arm and it’s like 200/?. She gets a bigger cuff and it’s 173/110. The doctor comes in and it’s like the last reading but on the other arm again. So they took it 5 times in 10 minutes. I felt ok after I walked up the stairs, not really winded. I was a little warm, but it was in the 70s today. The doctor wants me to see my general doctor in a week or so, I’m thinking he thought the reading were incorrect. Not that I don’t have anything else on my mind. He said stress can be so bad. We have a BP cuff but my father-in-law has it. I’ve never been over 140 on the top if I remember correctly.
I get home and call my mom and one or both dogs have gotten in beef flavored pills for the older dog. She has the little terrier at the vet and they pumped his tummy and now the older dog has to go through the same thing. They aren’t seeing any pills in their tummies which isn’t good as they have maybe digested them already. My mom gets one thing almost fixed and something like this happens.
My main thoughts are with my uncle and I hope he can pull through this. And I hope the dogs will be okay-my mom and brother love them so.
Me, I’ll get checked out! I did really well tackling that hugh bush and I just had a pull or two. Tomorrow I get a mammogram!

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