Mushroomland 4" x 4" Collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Having fun with some new papers I got yesterday in Peddler’s Village at a wonderful store called ‘Creative Inklings’. I thought about that store all year! The ‘main’ paper is the mushrooms and the back of that is the orangey red and beige circles.
Here’s the paper goodness I chose and some ink and crackle finish. The ‘Man in the Moon’ is a big chocolate bar and that is the design is the wrapper.
Paper Goodness plus a few other things
And we enjoyed the wine we got from the Renaissance Faire (though the cork was brittle and we had to push it in and strain it) we bought winde from Chadds Ford Winery. They have a store up in Peddler’s Village too. Funny, because it’s down the road from us. : )
Chadds Ford Winery Goodness
We bought the Apple Spice and Sangria. We let you try the different wines so that was nice.
We went to a mall up there (about 12 miles from Philly) called the Willow Grove mall and brought these home:
Gertrude Hawk Goodness
Gotta love those chocolate caramel apples.

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  1. Pass me one of them chocolate caramel apples and nobody will get hurt!!! hehe Love all the papers you bought for crafting, I’m sure you will be making some fabulous art with it all:-) xoxo

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