Fall clean-up


Milkweed seeds, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Today I decided to dig up the Ornamental grass that had taken over my Lily garden. I ‘dislike’ forgetting to do things. I don’t know what happened last fall, but the one plant I had kept didn’t get it’s seed heads snipped and there were at least a dozen or more grasses everywhere in this bed. I still did keep one plant, but off came the seed heads!
Dug up Ornamental grass
Since I was all ‘worked up’, I went around back and tackled the Butterfly bush. Another shrub which was either not cut back enough or ignored. This was a job and a half! It took me a good 45 minutes to trim. I left an almost full garden cart for Brian who needs to empty it as I can’t lift it (with the grasses). I just left the big pile of branches from the Butterfly bush.
Pile from Butterfly Bush trim back
I also planted two pinkish-purple mums and 6 yellow pansies and dug up a Flowering maple plant. I am still packing up stuff to store-now I know why it takes me weeks to get it right as I have so much put out. I am sore, but glad I got done more in the yard.
Isn’t that a neat photo of the Milkweed above? I should cut most of those seed heads off too. Nature sure knows how to regenerate well!
Red leaves and berries of the Burning Bush
Burning bush
Mums blooms galore
Down the front path
Behind the house
Behind the house
Witchy pal
Witchy pal from the Christmas Tree Shops.

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