All fixed- I hope


Going to the dentist ruined my day in a way. Sean was off and he is always kind enough to take me somewhere. We had planned to go to my mom’s house, but the appointment was at 3 and I didn’t get home until 4. My tummy was a bit bothersome, I think something is going around in the family. A piece of my tooth had broken off-the natural part, not a patch, so he patched it, but hurt my gums alot! He knew of the brewery we went to a few weeks back and was telling me a long story about that (he’s only about 30).
I did go with Sean to a place that not only changes oil, it changes tires. And they always tell you one or two tires need replacing. Sean didn’t get tires, he’ll go to a Wally World with a tire center and get his 10% off. Geez. We went to Macaroni*Grill which was good, but not as good as the other chain places. And beware of the Italian soda-no free refills, so it cost Sean $12 for 4 drinks-terrible.
I did do a collage, she is almost finished and I’ll put her up tomorrow. I was too tired to add the final touches and take a photo of it.
I can share the adorable gremlin I won from Honey Girl Studio

This is Melissa’s photo. I will have to find the perfect spot for him.
I need to cut back some ornamental grass that spread all over my lily garden and I remember digging most of it out last year. I also want to add a few mums I just purchased. Hope I get to the garden work!

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  1. make that I have seen….I hit the wrong key and it posted! That’s what I get for trying to comment at 4 am with a big stuffed red nose and dry throat.

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