A bit behind-will be playing catch up


On Friday Sean took me to get my driver’s license photo done about 18 miles away. After that, we headed down a road and before you knew it, we were in Lancaster! Such gorgeous countryside and the leaves are just starting to change. We passed a narrow, but long field on the stretch of Rt. 30 we were on and the Amish were harvesting pumpkins. Sean said the sign said they were only $1. : )
We mainly went to a few stores in a new shopping center. A Christmas Tree Shoppe had just opened and it was jam packed. Then we went to a Kohl’s next door where I found some slacks that fit so well I bought them in gray and black! When we were checking out, a pregnant Amish lady was there with her two little girls, a sight you don’t see too often. I guess as long as they aren’t using the electric, it’s ok to do a little shopping. It looked like the mom was buying those polar fleece blankets. The children were just staring, so they weren’t use to being in a modern store like that. I admire their spirit and duty, but I am sure it would make more sense to just get with the times. Those buggies can’t be safe to travel in on the busy roads in that area. The children were a bit odd looking, I hate to say that, but I am sure cousins are marrying cousins. Anyway, we went across the street and had a nice Fuddruckers burger and then went to the Gap store where Sean picked out a couple of things for his birthday on the 24th when he will be 24! Can’t believe that.
So I didn’t do my collage yet for Friday or Saturday or as a matter of fact for today either but the day is still young!
Saturday night we met up with some of my former classmates a few towns over. We had some cancel out because of the Phillies play-offs which was on at the bar/restaurant we went anyway. There was a young crowd, Sean likes to go here and we ran into him and his friend when we leaving. When I saw my two pals both named John D., I got a double bear hugs. : ) I hadn’t seen the one John for about 23 yrs. We went out to an outdoor area which wasn’t that cold and it was pleasant to chat until they turned on the surround sound and we couldn’t hear each other. We even asked if the speaker could be turned down which they didn’t do. Our lady pals showed up a bit later and we only stayed another hour which was torture on our ears. It was nice to see those who showed up.
I got up this morning and made breakfast and then felt a piece come out of my tooth that was just repaired. It is feeling a bit rough, so I need to get it checked out. Probably the dentist fooling with it caused it to become weak in other areas. I hope it’s a freebie repair.
Off to the grocery store soon-lucky me. It gets harder to go the older I get!

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