Domestic Goddess II


Well of course I will do more than one domestic goddess collage! This was pretty easy as I had this gorgeous scrapbook paper with 4 different vintage style ladies and chose the lady with the blue ribbon. I gave her a crown and surrounded her with some dictionary definitions and called it a day.
Next was the remembrance ATC for a Facebook group I am in. ‘The Day of the Dead’ is celebrated in mainly Mexico and by many Latin Americans. I had a difficult time picking someone! I almost did Ben Franklin, but he’s been a subject of mine many times. I chose John Kennedy, Jr. as he was a bit younger than me and a week older than my brother. We sort of grew up together with Caroline-same hairstyles and clothes. When he passed at age 38, I had a hard time digesting that and still find it hard to believe he’s been gone over 11 yrs. He would have been 50 in November.
Remembrance ATC card for FB group-JFK, Jr.
Then I found some sweet matted frames that my ATCs fit into. Only $1! I hope they get more in at the store.
Found frames for ATCs!
Yes, went out on a terrible rainy day to ship off packages. One was for eBay (have sold some stuff of Sean’s that he didn’t need) and an autumn exchange for a pal. I will show you what I made her when she tells me she got it. It cost more to ship than to make!
Tomorrow will be made up of howling wind. One reason I shipped things off today.

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  1. Hi Dianne,
    Love the pieces you’re creating! Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s pretty simple, wish I knew how to do more especially after visiting your wonderful blog! Take care.


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