Whirlwind Saturday


I promised a post about our almost 12 hour daytrip through almost central Pennsylvania. It’s a little late, so I may start it and finish it off in a few hours.
The first part of the trip was to York, PA. which is about 1.5 hours away (known as the ‘factory tour capital of the world’-Harley Davidson has one during the week). I wanted to attend a rubber stamping/paper crafts show. Here are a few photos from a great vendor and artist-Stampland. The man sitting over on the right took a shine to me and said he’d vote for my ATCs in the contest. Alas, I don’t think I won as I didn’t get any email. One of the other vendors said it’s better to come on Sunday as you have a better chance of winning, but they were all put in a binder, so I hope mine would have stood out. The theme was ‘O Christmas Tree’. I don’t even know if I’m getting them back
Ladies at the York Show busy trying some stamps
Here’s some of the wonderful stamps and techniques from Stampland:
Some examples of Rubber stamped pieces of art
I had been dropped off for a few hours. I gave Sean the address as Brian and him don’t know their way around York. I did quite a bit of shopping too:
My purchases from the stamp show
I was of course looking for unusual stamps. They are quite pricey. I like detailed ones the best and can’t wait to use this one:
One of my gorgeous new stamps
I traded three original ATCs and got some ‘cookie cutter’ ones’-they made all of the same ones to trade.
I did an ATC trade and got these
We got to see lots of pretty farms like this:
(taken out of the car window)
A PA farm in autumn
I have wanted to see Bube’s Brewery in Mount Joy since I read about it on the web. It has catacombs. We arrived too early to eat and Sean didn’t want to go back after our next stop. We went down these steep steps, very hard on the feet and knees:
Steps to Catacombs and candle light restaurant
This is about 30 feet underground!
I thought of Zoey and how she would like to eat in the catacombs with just candlelight. A friend had been here and told me on Facebook that the food is delivered by pulleys as the kitchen is far away. Maybe someday we’ll venture back
there as the menu looked good!
Tables in Catacombs with huge wine barrels
So I was disappointed we didn’t stay at Bube’s longer (which is pronounced-well someone told me boo-bees). I had helped myself to a flyer about the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and we saw it was 12 miles going closer to home, so we went. I think I will post about that in a few hours.

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