Thee and Thou went to the PARen Faire!


Around 4 or so on Saturday we kind of wound up in Manheim at the Penna. Renaissance Faire. Years ago, not sure if it was right after we were married, but I think so, Brian and I went and it was nothing like it is now. It’s almost like a Disney theme park! And let’s not get into the costumed people. I think many were visitors. Brian reminisced about the 1960s for some reason. : )
We saw a sword swallower, a juggler (with fire too) and his partner who did a routine on silks (not sure of the proper term). We were tempted to get food, but Sean had visions of The Olive Garden, so we only got lemonade and iced tea.
Here are some photos:
Sean and me at the entrance to the fair
Pretty garden area near the mansion and entrance
Tribal Circus featuring Shelly
Tribal Circus featuring Shelli. She has a toddler-look at the tummy!
The Abbey
“The Abbey” sold books and paper things. You know I bought a few things.
In goes the sword
A Sword Swallower!
Of course there had to be a place selling cheesesteaks!
When in Pennsylvania-you have to have a place that sells cheesesteaks!
Sean and Brian in front of the Pirate ship
Brian and Sean in front of the Pirate ship
You could get an elephant ride
You could get an elephant ride-we all would break his back. ; (
Human chess board
We didn’t get to see the human chess game
The Dungeon
I was taunted by the dungeon guard! No thanks buddy, not into seeing how people were tortured-plus not for $2 either!
And finally-
Dianne posing with cute mushroom set
A cute set I wouldn’t have minded having, but I got to pose with it
We got stuck in weekend traffic in Lancaster and saw at least 50 people waiting to eat outside of the Olive Garden. We turned toward Strasberg and ended up at Hershey’s Farm and had a buffet dinner around 8:15. Not as planned, but good food.

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