Bushes have Roses


Brian and I were both amazed that this was a Lincoln quote, but I like it because it sure makes sense-like taking the good with the bad….like at the dentist today….
I had a chipped tooth fixed and some desensitizing stuff put on some areas in my mouth. I guess I may have had a balance. I get out to the front desk and was practically demanded to pay for half-almost $300 on the spot. Now my measly $500 insurance was gone in February. I remembered that the oil bill came and said we didn’t have to pay anything as they have almost $900 of our money in their kitty. How ‘nice’ of them to let use skip a month. So I was thinking I would have used $200 anyway…but the main lady at the front desk was gone…seems she got told they didn’t like her telling people they could pay what they could. I know she was there for 15 years or so. I started to complain and the younger lady pulled me aside and said it wasn’t her doing and maybe when they hook up with another insurance company things will get better. I can not see why it’s not considered for patients like myself who have gone to this office for 24 years (give or take a few years because they didn’t accept our insurance at one time or another) pay so much a month! I really like 2 of the 3 dentists, but I am thinking it’s time to see if anyone else will not have a problem taking monthly payments. I may start looking for January.
So Sean had off and we went to California Tortilla and I got my usual, a fish taco (they give you two) and he got his usual a Beef Burrito. We headed to Target and it’s fun to look around there and I actually got Bri a small Christmas gift. We then went over to Pier One-fun store. For Zoey-if you still like roosters, they had an awesome red, white and blue patriotic one in tin (metal) for $2.98 which was $30 in the summer. Great for inside and out!
I’m deciding if I want to take a walk around Longwood Gardens tomorrow or clean. Then the next day I want to go up and over to York (above Lancaster) for a stamp and paper show. Think that is up my alley or what? I’m trying to get Sean interested in going and said we could stop at the outlets or Olive Garden for dinner. ; )

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Domestic goddess, wife, mom, gardener, paper and collage artist, geocacher, local traveler, cross stitcher, baker, crafter, Facebooker, blogger, decorator and photographer.

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